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Hello, Internet, and welcome back to Hitchbro!

Dear Internet-

Welcome to the new season of Hitchbro! For those of you who are familiar with me, welcome back- this is going to be basically the same Hitchbro as seasons pasts but better documented and with special guest hitchhikers (some people I know, and you guys!)

To newcomers, welcome!  My name's Seth, and I hitchhike across the country using the internet to find people to hang out with, things to do, and places to crash. This will be my fourth trip hitchhiking around the United States, this time with the goal of hitting all 48 contiguous states! I make a webseries as I go along, and this trip is going to be the best documented yet. All my previous ventures have been single camera, but this time I'll have partners for cameramen, so you can get a better view of the action! 

Speaking of partners, that's new this year too. I'm going to be bringing people with me! While I have some people in mind, I'd love it if I got some people from the internet to hitchhike with me as well. Join me on the trip of a lifetime- from wherever you are (or nearby) to wherever you want to go! If you're interested, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I'll get in contact with you soon.

So why do I need your help at all? I've got camping gear, and I can survive outside overnight if I've got to in almost all circumstances. However, don't we all like to sleep inside if we can? While services like Couchsurfing are great, they require pre-planning that is a luxury simply not afforded in hitchhiking. Although I've never had it happen to me, I've heard of hitchhikers getting stuck at spots for days at a time. You just can't schedule around this kind of travel.  I prefer to do it this way- I ask people to let me know if they've got somewhere I can sleep, and when I get close, I give them a call. Simple as that. 

I'm sure you're wondering who this big bearded jerk is on your screen asking you let you sleep on his couch. I know that's weird. I'm here to help make that less weird. First off, Hi. I'm Seth Thompson. I'm from Baton Rouge, or Marietta, Ga, depending on when you ask me. I moved around a lot as a kid. I went to a bunch of different schools and even got kicked out of one. Maybe I'll tell you that story some day, it's quite a doozy! (Don't worry, it wasn't like... bad, bad) I like to think I'm a pretty chill guy and the people I meet seem to agree. I love my mom, and call her almost every day. If we ever meet you'll probably see me duck out to answer a call from her to assure her I'm safe, and she'll probably insist I convey some thanks to you for even giving her crazy son the time of day. In fact, if you're unsure about me, you can even send her an email if you like at hitchbrosmom@gmail.com.

Holy crap I'm blabbing on a bunch. Basically, this. TL;DR here, people! I'm about to get back on the road and I need your help to make it the biggest and best season of Hitchbro ever.  Share this with your friends and anyone who you think would be interested in watching me blunder across the US or who would be willing to let me crash somewhere safe! Click the button below to add yourself to the map of hosts, rides, and people who just want to say hi!